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guna 369 movie download in tamil dubbed isaimini tamilyogi tamilrockers kuttymovies



guna 369 movie download in tamil dubbed isaimini tamilyogi tamilrockers kuttymovies

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guna 369 movie story?

No harm should come to the life of the neighbor because of us .. If it happened, it is not a mistake, it is a crime. Mistake is forgiven but guilt must be punished, ‘says Guna 369. Karthikeyan, who got a good image among the youth with the movie ‘RX 100’, came to the theaters today to try his luck with the movie ‘Guna 369’ after being disappointed with the hippie. Let’s go into the review to see how much ‘Guna’ has impressed the audience

If there is a conflict, there is nothing left but one conflict, ‘is the quality of a boy who is very soft. O works as a marketing executive at a granite quarry. He has a mother (Hema), sister (Kaumudi), father (Naresh). Is it enough to get into the story? The heroine should be .. She is also her name is Gita (Anashu). Like all other stories, there must be a villain in this too. There is also a powerful villain in the ‘Guna’ story, he is Gaddhalagunta Radha (Aditya Menon). Gaddhalagunta is a very savage who deserves to be named.

guna 369 movie download in tamil dubbed isaimini tamilyogi tamilrockers kuttymovies
guna 369 movie download in tamil dubbed isaimini tamilyogi tamilrockers kuttymovies

Mahesh is a good friend of Gunaki. Together, the two are looking for a marriage partner. However, a childhood friend of Mahesh runs a medical shop in Ongole. Unexpectedly Guna falls in love with his sister. However, he leads a rapist gang while running a medical shop. Lovers who come to the beaches to spend time alone are threatened .. The girl is raped and threatened with a video.

However, there is an altercation between the rapist gang and Gaddhalagunta Radha in the bar. The rapist batch in this scuffle .. gets his hands on Radha and runs away from there. But Radha is trying to kill this rapist batch. However, the man who is in a relationship with his sister does not know the truth. Mahesh tries to save the rapist batch at his request and gets into trouble. That rapist batch of Radha .. Guna goes to jail for a crime he did not commit by brutally killing Guna before.

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By the time Guna is released from prison, his beloved Gita is dead. Who caused her to die? How did she die? Who is the real villain in the story? The rest is the story of how Guna ended them

The boy who is soft with a good name in the colony .. The girl who is new to the colony falls in love .. His life which is going smoothly is accidentally in danger .. Ending the villains to get out of that accident .. The story ends happily. We keep finding one such story in every ten movies. However, his disciple Arjun Jandhyala added commercial elements to the story and made Boyapati feel like watching a movie.
The director had a good idea to give a concise ending to the story instead of being too routine. He hesitated to workout it.

Introducing each character in Fastoff .. Love scenes between the hero and heroines .. The director who locked the story to the interval with a simple distance without any distance to the audience’s imagination with the songs made the story interesting with the interval scene. But what he saw most of the scenes was the boredom of showing up again and again. With the exception of the interval scene in Fastoff, the director runs smoothly without much twists and turns Senkadoff into a revenge drama with emotional scenes. The Boyapati mark appears in the action sequence. According to the violent scene in the climax, it seems that the disciple Arjun Jandhyala is twice as big as the teacher Boyapati. However, a good attempt was made to combine message oriented in the commercial story. His student gave a touch of violence to Boyapati Mark based on rapes and atrocities against girls.

Karthikeyan as the hero has made an impressive effort in the role which has two variations. Although it doesn’t matter in the action scenes .. it was revealed in the love scenes. I do not know if people will forget that Manodu has a six pack but if there is no need .. I do not know why Sean is taking off his shirt and exposing it. It seems that Karthika is still acting in the Emotions scenes.

The newcomer Anagha gave a good performance as the heroine. The lyric written by the director did full justice to the character. Looks like the girl next to us. Impressed in terms of acting as well as glamor. Dominated Karthikeyan in Love Scenes. However the ending given by the director to the pivotal heroine role in the story does not seem convincing. Over and over the love track between the hero and heroines seems to embarrass the audience as a routine.

Hema and Naresh, who acted as the parents of the hero, looked as good as they could. However the acting in their combination scenes feels too much dramatic. It’s okay until their son dreams of getting a BTech pass, but the scene where the board in front of the house says ‘Guna BTech’ is a bit exaggerated. There are a lot of similar scenes in the movie.

Aditya Meenath showed cruelty in the role of Gaddhalagunta Radha. The director showed the villain the hero count. His role in the story is crucial. After the stage and the greatness, the comedian Mahesh got a full length role in this film. His role in Journey along with the role of the hero is very crucial in the film. After watching this movie, Mahesh .. can’t help but swear. Because he showed so much perfection in the role given to him. Mahesh, who has acted as a comedian till now, has shown another aspect of himself in this film. Revealing his true self in the climax feels like a surprise. At the end Shivaji Raja appeared as a police officer and gave an emotional touch.

And technically the film feels very rich. In taking, Boyapati’s disciple remembers his teacher. Cinematographer Ramireddy showed the Ongole backdrop well. The songs are good along with the background music of Chaitan Bhardwaj. But unless it seems to fit the song in the story .. it does not seem to fit the story. In some cases it is not known why the song is coming. Feel bored that the song has arrived again. The director failed to use the song in context. Anil Kadiala and Thirumal Reddy feel that cinema is rich with technical values. Editor Tammiraju left the scenes to be cut as well and increased the runtime. GM Shekhar’s artwork is good.

Overall .. not as super as the RX 100 … not as puppy as the hippie .. ‘Guna’ Just didn’t lower the dome.!

Rating: 2.5 / 5

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