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Due to this, ‘Mardaani 2’ managed to win the hearts of the audience, director Gopi Putharan revealed



Writer and director Gopi Putharan has had a wonderful journey in the film industry. He joined the role of ‘Lafange Parinde’ writer inside YRF, after which he became the writer and assistant director of Mardaani. He later took over the reins of ‘Mardaani 2’.

Now 10 years have passed since Gopi worked very closely with Aditya Chopra. On the occasion of the first anniversary of his directorial debut Rani Mukherjee starrer superhit ‘Mardaani 2’, he is describing how deeply this hard-hitting film has made an impact on Indians.

Gopi, who gave Indian cinema the best thriller film on the abominable crimes of real life with Mardaani 2, says talking about the whole of India will shatter the case. I can only say that the person with whom this issue is connected, I can share that insight, because there was a flood of messages. These messages were sent by every person who connected themselves with the subject of the film. We received this message because special honesty was taken on behalf of the film. Without prejudice to the audience to present this message in the package of a story that binds – I think the synergy of these two things resonated in the mind of the audience.

Mardaani 2 had managed to draw more attention to the crimes committed against women by juvenile offenders in India. Gopi further adds, “When people saw Mardaani 1 and 2, their reaction was generally that Wow what an interesting film. Talking about the Mardaani series, this is a story that takes you into its grip and you are not given an empty sermon in the entire film – in my view it is a very different looking factor of this series.

The first thing is that its story is very interesting and along with it, we are also giving a message. As I would like to say about Mardaani, the film stands completely at the place from where it talks openly about women, their problems and is also situated in the same domain. This created a stir, as the film raised some questions that had not been talked about before. I believe that on a very small level, these questions caught the attention of the people towards this matter.

Mardaani 2 ‘was only one notch above Mardaani in its roughness. Gopi reveals the process of his creative conversation with Aditya Chopra, the producer of this film about the storyline of Mardaani 2, we didn’t know much at the time of Mardaani 1. We had some things in mind, which we had introduced. But the response that we got, we realized that now in Mardaani 2 we have to be more clear about our message.

We needed to make our storylines more interesting, so we had to keep everything a notch up – storytelling, messaging. So, before starting the whole project, one thing was clear in front of us that we will make Mardaani 2 only when we have a subject that we can talk about with passion. This led to a gap of about 5 years. As soon as we got the right subject and the right storyline, we made the film.

Gopi explained how he and the project would have squeezed Rani creatively and how much Rani enjoyed meeting the challenges. He recalls, I assume that the film forced Rani to work beyond her capabilities. I think it could be because of the kind of work she had done, the character she played, the character of Mardaani was a bit higher than her, at least from her point of view.

The reason for this, of course, was that this approach was made keeping in mind the audience. I think the only performance did not present a challenge to them, because it is left-handed for them to find the exact performance and the right character, but I think that somewhere those action sequences might have confused them, Which were filmed under water

Gopi further says, Till then, Rani was always afraid of water, but she beat this phobia. He shot himself under training before the underwater sequence was shot and he showed great courage even during the shooting. Despite the water passing over them, they really managed it well. That is why you can see how much an artist can get out of their comfort zone, and once you get out of your comfort zone, your performance is amazing.

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